Using the Mobile banking smart phone app.

Once enrolled, if you have selected the smart phone app you will be sent a link to download the app. The link you receive will work differently depending on which of the three supported smart phone systems you use.

  • Blackberry- If you are using a blackberry phone, activating the link you receive in the text will begin downloading the app immediately.
  • Android-  If you are using an Android device the link will take you to "Google Play," which is the app store for android devices. You will not be able to download the app without your google account password (this was required to set up your phone and should be the same as your gmail account and password).
  • iPhone-  Similarly, the iphone users will be taken to the iphone app store and must download the app there.
Once you have downloaded the app (and in the case of Android and iPhone users, activated the app with a special "first time use" link sent to your phone shortly after the app downloads) you can use the app much as you would online banking. 

Using mobile banking for Mobile web browsers

Once enrolled, if you have selected the mobile web option you will be sent a link that is unique to you, and your device. We highly recommend that on your first visit to this link you bookmark the address prior to entering your password. This way you will always have access to the mobile banking site without searching through text messages. To access your accounts just enter your password after you verify that the token image is the same you use in online banking. You will never be asked to enter your user name and after three failed attempts at the password, you will be locked out of mobile banking until you contact us. Otherwise, using the mobile web option is much like using regular online banking.

Using Mobile Banking through Text Messaging

In order to Use Mobile banking via text messaging you will be sending a text message to the number you received your activation texts from. Be sure to enroll before attempting to use mobile banking. (That number should be 31727.) There are two actions you can request via Text Message: A balance on your accounts, and a history on individual accounts. The Balance option will return a text message with all of your account nicknames and balances. The account history will be returned to you as a text or several texts beginning with the most recent transactions and moving backward in time. 

 To request account balances simply text Bal to 31727

 To request an account history simply text Hist and theaccount nickname* to 31727 and wait for your texts. 

*Note: This is why itis important to create account nicknames that are relatively short and easy toremember. However, if you cannotremember your account nickname, texting Bal will provide you with a list of accountsto choose from.