Before enrolling please note:

Enrollment should be completed on a computer as the enrollment pages are not optimized for mobile.

Step 1: Log into Online Banking.

Step 2: Click on Services. 

Step 3: Go to “EDSB Mobile Banking” under the Services heading. Once there click enroll.

Step 4: Check the box next to I accept these Terms and Conditions and the continue button will appear after the check is in the box. 

Step 5: Click “Continue”

Step 6: Select your services (Mobile Browser SMS, Text Messaging).

Step 7: You can choose your time zone and the texting nicknames you would like for your accounts. 

Step 8: Enter in your phone number.

Step 9: Mobile Banking will now send you a series of text messages. 

  • TEXT 1: This contains the link needed to get to the Google Play/Apple Store. If you are not downloading the app you can disregard this.
  • TEXT 2: Here is your ACTIVATION CODE. You need to enter this into the box on your computer screen.

  • TEXTS 3-4: These are the directions and text number needed to use text banking.
  • TEXT 5: This contains the link used to open Mobile Banking in your phones web browser. You can then favorite this link. This option is nice for people who want web access without actually downloading anything to their device.

Step 10: Welcome to Mobile Banking!

If you have any questions or need assistance, call 563-587-2424 or email to speak with one of our Personal Bankers.