Simplify your life with the help of EDSB’s Internet Banking that allows you to conveniently and securely manage your finances when you need to 24 hours a day. The service is Free and includes convenient complementary services like Online Bill Pay, Mobile Banking, eAlerts, and Pop Money to give you even greater ability to remotely pay bills or pay friends while staying up to date on account activity.

EDSB Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking makes your accounts available to you wherever you are.

Enjoy the convenience of Online Banking on your cell phone. There are a few options for different phone access styles and it is available with every account at no extra cost. With Mobile banking you can:

  • Make transfers on the go to prevent overdrafts and avoid pesky fees.
  • Pay bills from your cell phone.
  • Control your finances from the palm of your hand.

Internet Banking

Access your accounts 24/7 securely online with Internet Banking.

With this convenient and Free service you’ll be able to manage your finances simply and securely any time of day. You’ll be able to:

  • Check account balances and transaction history
  • Transfer money between your accounts and linked family accounts
  • Get advances on your EDSB Redi-reserve or Equity Line of Credit.
  • Place stop payments on checks and send secure email to bank staff
  • Setup alerts to help you manage your EDSB accounts (see info below)
  • Pay bills without the hassle and cost of writing and mailing checks (see info below)
  • View your statements (see info below)

Online Alerts & Reminders

Set up alerts and reminders with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Through the use of our Online Banking Reminder feature, you can set up scheduled reminders of events, and set up alerts to help you manage your accounts. Alerts can be emailed to multiple accounts to insure you get notified on a timely basis. Receive alerts when:

  • Your balance drops below a dollar amount you choose.
  • Specified activity on your account takes place (i.e. your payroll arrives).
  • You need to reorder checks when this check number has cleared.
  • When your statement is available.

Online Bill Pay

Now you can conveniently pay your bills and save money doing it.

Did you know that paying bills through the traditional methods can cost anywhere from 50 to 75 cents per bill (cost of checks, stamps, & envelopes) plus your time. If you’re paying 8 – 12 bills per month like many people, Online Bill Pay can save you $4 to $9 every month! (or $48 to $108/year). Plus it can greatly reduce the time you take to manage your bill payment process.

  • Setup regular bills once, then just click to pay when needed.
  • Regular recurring bills can be set up to pull automatically under your control.
  • Convenient, time saving, and a FREE money saving service for your personal accounts.


Go Green with EDSB e-Statements!

What are the Benefits for me?

  • Get your statements quickly, without having to wait on the mailman.
  • Reduce your risk for fraud with your statement sitting in your email instead of your home mailbox.
  • Access your e-Statements conveniently 24/7.

Signing up for e-Statements is easy! Once you are logged into your internet banking click on “options” and then proceed to "eStatement Enrollment”. At this time our staff will process your request and be in touch with getting you switched over. It’s that easy!

Statement Disclosure

Paying a friend by sending a paper check through the mail is now close to being obsolete.

You can now pay anyone easily and quickly that has an email address or cell phone number. Have a loved one’s birthday coming up? Need to pay a friend back for lunch? Have no fear – Popmoney at EDSB is here to make sending money fast and easy to anyone with an email address or cell phone number.

  • Unlike other online payment sites, your recipient receives their money free of charge.
  • You send it to them for a quickly and conveniently for a small $0.50 fee.
  • Save yourself time and money (less cost than buying & mailing checks).
  • Enjoy the convenience of sending and tracking all of your recent and pending transactions right in your Bill Pay history.

How does Popmoney work?

  1. You log into your EDSB Internet Banking account and go to Bill Pay
  2. Create a Popmoney profile (only the first time you use it)
  3. Click the Send Money tab.
  4. Enter the recipient’s name and email address, mobile number, or their bank account number.
  5. Your recipient receives their payment notification via e-mail or text message.
  6. They then confirm their information and the money is securely transferred to their bank account.
  7. If they don’t confirm, the money stays safely in your account.

For more information, visit or contact an EDSB Personal Banker at 563-587-2424.

Debit Cards

Enjoy the convenience of an EDSB MasterCard Debit Card with any of our Personal & Business Checking accounts. Use your card online, at the ATM to withdraw cash while out of town or after hours, or while shopping around town.

  • Save money by eliminating check costs.
  • Save the time and save the hassle of writing checks.
  • Convenient access to cash at ATM’s throughout the country.
  • Usable around the world wherever MasterCard is accepted.
  • Surcharge free ATM access at Privilege Status ATM’s around the country.

To take advantage of this great product, call or come in to either of our branches to talk with a Personal Banker today!

A fee will be imposed for replacement, rush order, and myPic debit cards.
Free Checking, Checking Plus Accounts: We will impose a fee when using a non EDSB ATM machine.
Personal Touch and Student One Checking Accounts have no fee when using an EDSB or Privilege Status ATM machine.
When you use an ATM not owned by EDSB or a non Privilege Status ATM, you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator.

Mastercard Secure Code-Shazam Debit card
Helps protect MasterCard card accounts against unauthorized Internet transactions by using identity information established between an individual cardholder and his or her financial institution. Once a cardholder activates the service, the card cannot be used at a participating Internet merchant without authentication by an authorized user of the account. Visit to obtain a secure code.

MyPic Personalized Debit Cards

Choose a picture of your loved ones, good friends, a pet, or from your favorite vacation spot — it's your Shazam debit card and it can now feature your style. It will become your favorite card in your wallet! If you don’t have a photo of your own, you can select an image from the Shazam MyPic studio gallery.

Customizing your card with a personal photo is simple; upload your image from your computer, rotate it, shrink it, enlarge it, flip it and even preview it before you place the order. It is your card and now you have the chance to personalize it.

  • Express your identity by making your purchases with your personally customized card.
  • Only $13.95 to get a debit card that is as unique as you!

Follow these easy steps...

1. Have your EDSB Debit Card number ready.

2. Have your personalized photo saved and ready to download.

3. View and read the Terms & Conditions

4. Check the box to agree to the Terms & Conditions

5. Visit the Shazam MyPic Design Studio to turn your photo into your personalized MyPic Debit Card.