While everyone might know that our mobile banking has something to do with Smartphone apps, that's not all. We want people to know that just because you don't have a smartphone doesn't mean you can't use mobile banking.

Text Message Banking 

So maybe your phone isn't the top of the line, but it works for you. We understand that, which is why we wanted mobile banking to work for you. Send texts to the EDSB Mobile number (31727) to receive balances and transaction histories on your accounts. This option is great for all phones.

*Note: In order to receive texts back from the EDSB Mobile number your phone must first be enrolled in the program.

Mobile Web Browser Banking

This option is for those with working data plan. Available on most phones, our mobile browserbanking site is friendlier to smaller screens than normal online banking. With this option you can transfer fundsbetween accounts, make loan payments, utilize to bill pay, and view account balancesand histories.

Smartphone App 

This is the preferred option for all smart phone users. With all of the same functions as Mobile web browser banking and increased operation speed; your money is at your command. Place a shortcut to this app on your Smartphone home screen for even quicker access to your accounts. 

Which is best for you?

To help you decide which is best for you we've broken down the features of each option into this chart. If you have the smart phone app remember you can also use Text Banking or the Mobile web browser option as well.